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Tablet Support: Download New Update Firmware File for China Android Tablet PC FunPad MID UMPC

Posted by admin on Feb 22,2012

Update Firmware is always step one after you get something wrong with your China-made Tablet PCs FunPad MID. Firmware plays an important role in many of our electronics these days. Firmware update is now available on our website, With the firmware update support, you can have your tablet PC restore factory settings.

Android tablet PC firmware update

How can I update Android on my Tablet PC MID?

Keeping the Android Operating System up-to-date ensures you with all the latest improvement and fixes for your Tablet PC MID. By default, the tablet PC will automatically detect available updates to install. This article describes how to perform the updates.


Updating the Tablet PC MID:

1. When a pop-up window notifies for a new firmware, tap Firmware upgrade.
2. Tap Download Now and next OK to start the download via the existing data connection.
3. The download progress will be shown. Once the download completes, tap Install Now to start the automatic installation.
4. The tablet will restart to complete the update and a window will inform if the process was successful. Tap OK to close the window.

In case you do not receive a pop-up but want to check for available updates, use the following steps:

1. On the top-right of the screen, tap Apps.
2. Scroll left to the second screen and, then, tap the Settings icon.
3. On the bottom-left of the screen, click the About tablet option.
4. Tap System update and, then, Check now.
5. The system will check for available updates. If any is available, then the installation will follow the same steps as above.

Download Latest Firmware:

The current version of our newest firmware is available ( please feel free to get firmware update by reaching our technical department:  ). You can check your current version by going to Menu->Settings->About tablet-> Build number. Updating the firmware is completely optional and will erase and wipe out everything that is saved in the internal memory of the tablet. It is strongly suggested to back up all files and apps before performing the update.


1. You must UNPLUG the USB/charger cable before powering-on the tablet or the upgrade process will not start.
2. If "Firmware file is bad!" error message is displayed when starting the upgrade process: This error is actually reporting that the file can't be found (no need to try downloading again). If this happens, first make sure the MicroSD card is inserted in the tablet correctly and that the 3 firmware files are in the ROOT (\) directory. Try re-seating the card. You may also try a different card or RE-FORMATTING the card (copy the files from the card to your PC, FORMAT the card, then copy the files back to the card).

Update Files Required:

1. Firmware Upgrade File.
2. Applications File.
3. PDF of Upgrade instructions.

How to upgrade your Firmware:

1. Download the 3 files above to your PC.
2. Follow the upgrade instructions in the PDF document.

MicroSD card with copied firmware update:

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