A Video Box for Presentations

The LCD video box is used primarily to house products or company reports. The outer casing can either be soft, or more commonly hard cover; the product or enclosures embedded into a foam inlay cut specifically to size.

The video console is usually attached to the underside of the lid and can automatically function on opening by the use of a magnetic catch hidden in the lining. It is recommended that an IPS screen, which enables all-angle-viewing, is used in these units to make the screen clear no matter what angle the open lid is set to, or to accommodate the height of the user.

The nature of video boxes are that they are all bespoke to some degree and that means extra time is needed at the pre-production stage to test and prototype the unit. We recommend that you allow 3-4 weeks minimum when planning a video box production from brief to delivery.

No matter what enclosures you aim to put in the box, it is always necessary for us to have a sample, or mould of your enclosure to work with during the R&D stage. This way we can guarantee you have a perfect fit for your inserts once the boxes arrive. It is possible for us to fulfil the video box with your products if required. Again, this will add a little time to the production process. We can then distribute them for you to wherever in the world you want them sent.

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