Buy a Free Video Brochure Sample in Stock

View our stock video brochure gallery to see some examples online. Actually if you just want to confirm the printing, each order (No order quantity limited) we will produce a sample with your own printing, taking pictures and videos for your checking, after get your approval, then move on the mass order production, which it is save your time and cost. Also life time warranty, if any defective, you can ask for refund or replace. Quality assurance. Easy business.

Maybe you need s physical video brochure sample to check in hand, it is no porblem. After your quality test and evaluation, you will know why you should choose us and how we can build the most needed product for your project.

Customers pay Funtek both the sample fees and the shipping cost, we shall deliver the samples by Hong Kong DHL/UPS/ Fedex etc, with freight cost of our own.


Free samples: Free samples will be available to our VIP customers only. Samples for testing only: Sometimes it is a difficult situation when you have to buy many samples for one-model order from different suppliers to verify the right factory. In this case, we offer “free sample” testing on prepaid-n-return basis , customers pay the sample charges first, we shall refund the sample charges upon receipt of customer’s reorder.

Also noted that today you confirming the sample order, we can ship out within 2 working days, you will get it within a week. Fastest service. Contact us to get a rush quote and service number at +86-183-0755-2838 or email to

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