Creative Video in Brochure for Advertising Agencies

Video retention among most individuals comes to about 95%, as opposed to as little as 10% when reading the same message in a text. It’s because of this that video brochure and video cards are becoming a major player in the marketing universe. Over the last few years, this innovative technology has seen both falling prices and increasing effectiveness of use. Long gone are the days when only companies with huge marketing budgets can afford this marketing tool. Video brochures are now being used not only at the corporate level, but for local businesses as well.

Video brochures use the collective efforts of video, print, and sound to deliver a unique experience to your targeted audience. The print utilizes the brand identity of your company, while the video and sound help to convey your message in a unique and memorable way.

So what exactly is a video brochure?
Technically speaking, a video brochure is a USB drive, a speaker, an electronic board, a battery, and an LCD wrapped in a printed paper cover. All of this together provides an aesthetic and effective marketing tool, providing unlimited possibilities for delivering your message, pitch, or other type of information.

How do they work?


The video brochure generally starts operating the moment that it is opened, as your audio and video will then start playing. These videos can play video files such as MP4 (AVI: DIVX, XVID, DVD (VOB, MPG2, VCD (DAT, MPG1, and MKV. They can also utilize JPG files in order to show an automatic slideshow.


Speakers generally utilize 8Ω 2W.


Standard memory starts at 128 MB for 4.3” LCD screens, and increase to 256 for 5” or 7”, and 512 for 10.1’. If necessary, the highest memory available caps out at 4 Gb.


Battery is important because you want to make sure your brochure remains effective. Batteries are rechargeable ION batteries and, when not in use, can retain their power for 4-6 months.


Video brochures contain a USB port for recharging capabilities. This is also how you can change the content of your brochure if need be.


Video brochures are always customizable to some extent. You can use a landscape or portrait orientation, as well as a variety of sizes, generally ranging from as small as 3.75” x 5” to as big as 8.5” x 12”. Printing can be done on matte or glossy stock with coating and stamping options as well as softcover or hardcover, the latter of which obviously adds additional protection to your LCD screens.

Other Options

For an even more significantly unique experience, touchscreen capability can be used on your video brochures to provide interaction for your target audience. This can include functions such as Next and Previous arrows, adjusting sound levels, and utilizing a menu to direct the user to different areas of your message.

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