Showing off your digital photos

Using the Funtek digital photo frames is a fun way to show off your work to friends and family. Instantly display and share digital photos.

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Standard and WiFi

Funtek Digital Photo Frame allows you to select and show your favorite photos with background music in a cool presentation. Standard and WiFi are available.

WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Unlike standard digital picture frames, the advanced digital picture frames with Wi-Fi allow you to send new photos to your frame without the need for wires, flash drives, or SD cards.

Which digital photo frame should I choose?

Although the features vary between digital photo frames, the key difference is probably in style and design. Chose between traditional classic wooden frames and modern acrylic and plexi-glass materials. Select a display size according to your budget and a format (4×3 or 16×9) according to your viewing preferences. All will offer crisp picture quality, ease of use and remote control selection and adjustment.

What accessories will I need?

It is a good idea to invest in an additional memory card to power the frame. In this way you can store your favourite slide-shows on it and easily edit and update whenever you want to. You may also want to purchase a multi-card reader to connect to your PC for simple memory card loading and editing.

What else can the Digital Photo Frame do?

They are designed to be driven by inserting a memory card or stick. Typically the digital photo frames accept a wide variety of the most common memory cards and many additionally accept USB sticks. Simply insert one of the accepted cards into the frame, loaded with your photos, and a slide-show of the pictures will automatically begin. You can adjust settings like the speed and style of transition between pictures.

Display & Share Your Photos

To find the best digital photo frame for you, consider what size and resolution you want, your storage and connectivity needs, and what special features you might like to have.

The 16:9 widescreen 7″ Digital Picture Frame DPF-702 lets you create custom slideshows with programmable transition effects and auto on/off times.

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The 8-inch Digital Photo Frame Widescreen, with its 1024 x 768 4:3 display, is for those who seek a desk or table frame that delivers the ultimate widescreen viewing.

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The Funtek 10.1″ Touch Screen Digital photo frame on sale with 10-inch HD IPS Display with 1280*800 Resolution that stays clear in any light.

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Extraordinary options

Specifications shown are optional with extra costs.

Memory Capacity

Internal storage capacity can range from just 128MB all the way up to 32GB. supports USB thumb drives and SDHC/SDXC camera cards.

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Surface Style

Acrylic surface digital frame photo are available in interesting external colors and designs to give them a sophisticated look.

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Motion Sensor

The motion sensor helps the Digital Photo Frame conserve energy so that you don’t have to switch the unit off if the room is empty.

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Control Methods

Turn on the digital frame using the power ON / OFF button in the back of the frame or the remote control.

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Wall Brackets

With the included stand and optional wall-mounting brackets, there are a couple of ways you can exhibit in your home.

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Custom & Branding

Your personalized digital picture frame can be expertly laser-engraved with a corporate logo, names and more.

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Customers are lovin’ it

Funtek digital photo frame is the best gift you can give to your loved ones. You can use it in homes, offices, and shops too. See below top positive reviews.

I got this digital frame for its functions and because it is higher definition than the one that Amazon recommended.

Michael S.

This frame is gorgeous! I absolutely love this digital frame! It is everything I had hoped it would be and even more.

Aditya Goswami

This digital picture frame is great! Picture quality is fantastic and color accuracy is spot on. The black frame goes well with most furniture and it also makes the pictures pop.

Muzyck Man

I decided to purchase a digital frame to show off our photos, and a place to keep them. I am really enjoying this frame. That is a lot of photos. you can also store videos.

M. Carlisle

This was gifted to the grandparents and it was greatly appreciated! We had the digital frame shipped to us and set it up to help the grandparents not have to worry about the tech stuff.

Linda Dultz

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