Frequently Asked Questions about Tabletop Ad Player

Digital advertising screens tabletop media players feature eye-catching video that’s hard to ignore. Find out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Funtek Tabletop advertising players.

1. What are the functions and applications of Tabletop Ad Players?

The devices based on Android operating system, WiFi Connection, 7 / 8 Inch HD LCD Touch screen and powered by built-in high quality big capacity 20800mAh battery.

1. Main Function: can come with our specially developed easy to use cloud based advertising CMS App, not only auto-start to display videos images, remotely manage display contents by computer anywhere anytime, but also can Order Food, Call Waiter, etc.

2. Optional Accessory Functions: Charge Phone, Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Wireless Charger.

3. Other Functions: All WiFi models also can install other android APK to have different functions, such as order and POS System together etc.

Applications: devices can widely put on any table to build innovative advertising network in Restaurants and Cafes, Hotels and Bars, Kinds of Clubs, Dental and Doctors Surgeries, Hair and Beauty Salons, Airports and Bank VIP Waiting Rooms, Company Waiting Rooms, Special Events/Conferences, Gyms / Fitness Centers, Car 4S Stores etc. Great Solutions for Tabletop Advertising Display and Phone Charging.

2. Details of Funtek WeADS CMS App?

How to use:

It’s very easy to use, because our engineer installed our APP in devices and create an account at our CMS website for you before shipping, only need to do as below simply steps.

① Login your account at our CMS Website to Upload Videos/ Images

② Release Them to our Cloud Server to Push to Devices

③ Connect WiFi for Devices to automatically download and display

WeADS App Features:

① Extra Annual Fee USD15/device/year

② Auto-start to display advertising after devices turn on

③ Screen Locked: Must Enter Password to Exit Display on Devices

④ Could Server based for remotely control display contents

⑤ Include Several Systems: Must Display Advertising, Optional System: Order, Call and Customized Hyperlink system

⑥ While Display, touch screen to select order or call functions etc. After Ordering, calling functions finished , interface will be back to display automatically.

WeADS App Functions:

(1) Advertising System

1 Upload Videos/ Images [ Advertising / Menu / Promotion / Services etc.] at our CMS website

and then publish and push to devices by Cloud Server

② Set contents playing time such as 10s,15s,50s etc. ③ Set contents start and end display date

④ Set max 9pcs Images display sequence Each Time

⑤ Add hyperlink for each display content for interaction with people

⑥ Check battery status and set devices auto Turn on /off time

⑦Group Devices: Assign devices to different Users, assign different contents for Different Groups

⑧ Advertising statistics: view contents total click times and display time.

(2) Order System: Two Ways by Scan QR Code or Digital Menu.

① Scan QR Code : Set your QR Code on our CMS Website for all devices → click order button on device

to show QR Code → Use Phones to scan to order food

② Digital Menu : Upload Dishes at CMS website → Push to device by Cloud Server → Click order button

on device to select food → After Confirmed Order, connected printer will print out the list for your


(3) Call System: Device connected with our special smart watch →Select Service on device [Service can

be customized as yourself,such as check out, other services ]

(4) Customize Hyperlink System: connect to any website as your want.

3. What are the advantages of these tabletop ad players?

Advertise with smart solutions! Advertise where people are!

  1. You can Choose 5 or 10 Or maybe even hundreds of locations restaurants to display high definition, digital advertisement for your brand, product or services on the tables.
  2. And your product or brand could be Guaranteed Seen for Hours a day by people sitting at a meal, enjoying a coffee or simply hanging out.
  3. Advertise on Beautiful 7 / 8 Inch HD Displays
  4. No Outlets Needed – Reaching New Locations
  5. Captive Audience For Max Impressions
  6. Contents Changed Via WIFI For Real Time AD Changes
  7. Units Quickly Recharged Overnight
  8. Built-in Cables & USB Ports For Charging Multiple Phones

4. Can you customize with our company’s logo?

Yes, we usually do silk screen print logo on the base of the device as attached photos for your reference.

Please send us your vector logo file in PDF or CDR format.

Order Qty. less than 200pcs, 1or 2 colors logo USD50 per order, over 200pcs, free logo charge.

5. How to choose and order a sample to test?

Our top selling models are double touch screen FYD-835SD and 868 Plus X.

According to your need to Select Models Steps:

Single or Double Sides LCD Screen for Display → Screen Size 7 or 8 Inch → Appearance Design → Android Version → CPU → Screen Resolution → Battery Capacity /Type

Please tell us model, quantity, color you need and shipping address,then we will make invoice for you to

confirm and arrange payment.

After payment received, we will send you DHL/UPS/FedEx tracking number within 3~5 days.

Payment Ways: Alibaba Trade Assurance Order, Paypal ,Western Union or TT Bank.

Standard Each Unit include: Device, Adapter, Manual, Foam to protect and Box

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