How Does Funtek Video Brochure Work?

Funtek is the brand name given to our range of video marketing solutions, these include video brochures, video folders, video signage and point of sale video displays. Over time we anticipate our devices will become more sophisticated utilizing WiFi technology to update the screens in real-time accompanied by basic messaging technology.

A pricing matrix covering all the standard print and screen options is available upon request in both £ GBP and $ USD. Optional extras include:

  • USB cable for recharging your device
  • Additional memory, 256MB (standard) – 8GB
  • Control buttons / touch screen controls


We provide a variety design templates and technical specifications for preparing artwork and video files. You can then upload your art and video files via our web portal.


Once we have received your art files we will prepare a .PDF proof of the printed brochure, compress and represent your video files for approval as a mock-up as a minimum. For full details of our proofing options please read our proofing news update.


From this point it takes approximately two weeks to manufacture and deliver your video cards to a destination of your choice via DHL, our specialist freight partner.

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