How to Plan the Content of Corporate Album Design?

Companies expect to have quality album design as a marketing and promotional tool, but most of them are not sure what content they should plan for their brochures, or even don’t know to do corporate brochures at all. So, what content should be planned for corporate album design to achieve the purpose of publicity?

First, understand the purpose of corporate brochure

This is the premise of a good corporate brochure, no matter how sophisticated the design, assuming that the purpose of the design is not clear before the album design, it does not help, for example, companies need to design a promotional album to promote the corporate culture brand, the results of the album is mostly about product features and quality, that is obviously not suitable. Therefore, if you want your album to be good, you should first understand the design purpose of the album.

Second, understand who is the reader of their corporate brochures

This is very critical, it is best to read the group more refined, the album is different from the books sold in bookstores, publishers in the publication of books also have the positioning of the target readers, but relatively vague universal some, corporate brochures must have a very clear purpose of reading groups, because the reading habits of each group, reading purposes are not the same, only to cater to the needs of the target group in all aspects to be able to play a very good publicity effect.

Third, the conventional corporate brochure content structure

1. Who 

That is, the company introduction. Usually can include: company profile, corporate philosophy, organizational structure, corporate culture and so on. This can also be divided into several parts of the separate introduction.

2. What can do

That is, the business scope of the introduction. Usually can include: business scope, business processes, service advantages and so on. A strong company will usually introduce the advantages of the service alone. At least 30-40% of the space, the information should be clear, the framework should be clear.

3. What has been done

That is, the company’s performance or called the case cited. To increase the publicity effect, the case is usually the most compelling, this piece is often very critical, assuming that the new company, in the absence of a large number of successful cases, it is best not to mention this piece of pain, highlighting other aspects of strength. This part of the content needs to account for 30-40%, in order to enhance the conviction of the company.

4. Collaborative companions

Usually show their customers or collaborative partners to hand over can often enhance the strength of the enterprise. Newly established enterprises or companies that are not strong, it is recommended that the vision plan as the end of the brochure design may be more compelling.

Of course, the best way is to take the same industry companies or competitors’ brochures for reference, so that you know your enemy, think more comprehensively, but avoid the truth, highlighting their strengths and characteristics is most important.

The overall corporate album design content planning should be logical, layer by layer, and can provide important information in the random reading, showing the core business value of the enterprise, in order to achieve the ultimate marketing and promotional purposes.

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