Import LCD Video Brochure Cost from China

Easily the most common question that we get for Funtek video brochures: how much do these cost? The product is so powerful, reactive, and impressive, that people immediately think that video brochures are expensive and unaffordable. However, they are remarkably affordable in both per-unit cost and minimum quantity, and over the last two years the price has gone down significantly. Several factors go into determining the cost of video brochures.

The standard video brochure includes the following features

A5 size, with 4 Color Printing and 4 panels
4.3-5″ color LCD screen
128mb of memory (good for 3-4 minutes of video)
a magnetic switch that automatically starts the video
a 500mah battery with USB charging
Customized units generally cost between $25-70/unit delivered to the client. This does NOT include creative, final delivery, or content. They may be ordered in quantities as little as 10 units. Effectively, a minimum investment for the video brochures can start at around $700.

These standard options cover the majority of our clients’ needs. The standard video brochure will impress and convert prospects and leads without any fancy options required. Since quantities of these standard size can be ordered in as little as 10 units, the investment is testable and scalable.

The advanced video brochure offers the following options. These are the factors that will push the required investment upwards.

Larger screen size: 7″, 10″, for a more immersive and impressive experience
Memory size. 256mb, 512mb, and more allow brands to load more video
Higher quality IPS display. IPS displays are standard on modern tablets and maintain their viability even from wide angles.
Larger battery life. While video brochures can last for several weeks, a larger battery will be required with a larger screen and will make sure that it will survive for more times without requiring the prospect to recharge.
Additional interaction. This includes a dedicated volume controls, and up to five buttons on the video brochure to switch between videos.

And of course as with all printing, lower quantities of 10-100 will cost significantly more than orders of 500-1000 or more.

In addition, standard printing features can be included and add to the expense. This can include unique folding designs, folder pockets for proposals, foil and spot UV printing, translucency, and more. Why do clients look to spend more on advanced options? Of course, that depends on the value of the recipient, but generally, advanced options allow for more personalization and closer alignment with the brand. If you’re only looking to order 20, it might be worth it to splurge on a larger screen or more memory for more videos.

Highly customized units generally cost between $60-120/unit delivered to the client. This does not include print management or extra shipping costs (delivery to a list)- mailers are delivered ready to ship or hand out. The content investment is also often overlooked in the total cost. As video brochures are so impressive in their presentation, the brand message and content they deliver must also impress. The video and the graphic design must be handled by an expert to ensure the greatest return on your investment.

Video brochures are, without question, the most innovative and potent way of marketing video and getting a strong brand in front of highly-qualified prospects. We have seen clients return impressive numbers from implementation with video brochures. However, they certainly are not for everyone, and are best tailored towards marketing to a low number of high value prospects.

As we recommend to all clients: find the prospects or the market where even a dozen connections would lead you to tremendous exponential growth. We will then sit down to figure out how we can produce the most compelling video content that will help win over your audience. Video brochures are the platform that ensures that no matter who opens them, their novelty and innovation will lead them to remember your brand and your message and take action.


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