New Advertising Agencies Prefer LCD Video Mailers

As the world has become one of screens, the importance of something your clients can pick up, touch, and feel is larger than ever.

A marketing campaign works best when print is integrated with digital marketing assets. In fact, there’s tons of research that shows how print can have a huge effect in this regard.

The reasons behind this are numerous:

Print isn’t intrusive. Your customers can enjoy print at their own leisure.
Printed material appeals to the senses. A study on sensory branding states that brands that appeal to multiple senses are more successful than one or two.

With a video mailer, you’re appealing to the senses of touch, sight, hearing, even the scent of the paper—as opposed to sight & hearing exclusively.

Fully Customize Your Video Mailer

Print and other collateral can live within a video mailer, making it a one-stop-shop for your entire brand.

Think business cards, flyers—anything that you want to print or already have printed can be inserted or adhered to your video brochure.

Custom Controls

Do you want your customer to control the mailer experience?

Create any inputs you’d like: play, pause, volume control, next, previous, replay, on/off—anything you see on a remote control.

You can even have buttons that connect the users to specific videos, like the ones we use for our own video mailers in the animation above this section.

Easy to Use

This is the biggest feature of the mailers: the videos are interchangeable.

Simply plug the usb cord (included) into any computer and drag/drop in the videos, and you’re done!

The usb cord double as a charger, which charges the device from empty to full in less than 30 minutes.

The inputs lie underneath what we call ‘the carrier,’ so no matter how small you design your buttons, they will be easy to interact with.

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