Notes on Corporate Video Brochure Printing

Most of the product video brochures are promotional tools used by companies to introduce and promote their products. Now, many companies have a greater demand for product album printing every year, and the competition for various product printing companies is very strong, so it is important to master the production process. So, Fun Technology Ltd will briefly explain what issues need to be noted in this brochure production.

1, The first thing to note when printing video brochures cover, the cover design must be beautiful. Do the cover beautifully, can attract the reader’s eye, that can get a good publicity effect.

2, To choose the best printing process. Brochure printing is generally very high demand for technology, most customers will require the production of brochures to achieve good color and printing effects, so that customers can hold in their hands can attract the attention of customers, to meet the standard should be used to good printing process, the only way to get a satisfactory product.

3, The production of product video brochure printing should be fine. In addition to printing and design, but also pay special attention to the production after printing, to pay great attention to the post-production, so that there will be no wrong page and binding wrong staple, can ensure the good quality of the brochure, so the post-production of brochure printing is also very important.

Before printing, we should check the file for typos, see if the punctuation marks are used correctly, and see if the content is logical; we should ensure that the printing file is not missing fonts, and it is better to turn all the text of the file into a curve; check the format, mode and resolution of the images in the printing file; understand the binding of the file, confirm the correct spelling, and the page should have the required markings such as finished lines, register lines, ladder rulers and color marks; in general, we should look at the quality of the pictures and the accuracy of the text content.

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