Please keep your distance during COVID-19

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, washing hands, wearing masks, keeping a distance, has become the three magic weapons to prevent the spread of the virus. Many public places post signs that read “Please keep your distance” and drones are deployed, warning loudly when they see people gathering.
There are also people do not believe in evil, not to make a lively, intimate contact, this wayward action, purely for the convenience of the virus. Many facts have proved that not keeping your distance is harming yourself. In one case, only with the infected person to face, at close range to stay more than a dozen seconds on the trick. A British politician has reportedly contracted illness and shook hands with patients for failing to keep a social distance. Viruses can no matter whether you are a nobleman or a dealer, who does not strictly protect it will stick to who.
Keeping a distance is the realistic requirement of epidemic prevention and control, and it is also the basic attention of modern civilized society. Even if there is no virus, it should be properly kept at a distance in public. For example, banks to withdraw money, offices, stations to buy tickets, etc. , where the need to queue, especially close to the occasion of access to the privacy of others, should be dense, methodical.
There is a famous aesthetic principle called distance to produce beauty. A famous painting, two or three meters away to appreciate wonderful, hard close to see, is colorful and a pile of hemp points. The same is true of interacting with people, keeping the right distance, appreciateing each other’s strengths, and getting too close, you’ll find a bunch of problems. What’s more, everyone needs privacy and has big things that people don’t want to know. Between friends, if you do not divide you and me, seemingly intimate, in fact, fragile, probably because of “crossing the line” problem. On the contrary, some friends who always keep not far away, if they are away from the relationship, can friendship last forever. The ancient cloud “gentleman’s turn is as light as water, the turn of the little man is like water”, that is the truth.
Sooner or later, the outbreak will pass, and the good habits developed during the outbreak need to continue. Keeping an appropriate distance from people is a necessary etiquette for civilized society, so that people are good.

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