Sales Brochure Plus Video for Offline Marketing

Traditional brochures are no longer attractive. When we added the video inside, it became interesting. One of the best ways to market offline is to use video brochures. So what is one of the main features of a video brochure? What are some of the main functions? Let me give you a brief introduction today.

Key Features:

1. Can make different screen size,such as 1.8”;2.4”; 2.8”;3.5”;4.3”; 4.8”; 5”;7”;10.0”.

2. The activated way can be ON/OFF Switch,magnetic switch; light sensor; shadow sensor etc.

3. Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery, can charge via USB Port.

4. Can do multiple Buttons to control multiple videos.also can do buttons for pause/play;prev/next;volume+/volume etc. as your requirement.

5. We also do touchscreen with playing video & photos separately.

6. Great for Promotion/advertising/Wedding etc..

Funtek Advantages:

1. Full color TFT LCD/IPS full viewing angle display.
2. Support all format HD video playback. High bit rate smooth decoding.
3. Support image, music and txt view together.
4. Support max. 10 buttons. Button function could be play/pause, volume+,volume -,previous,next,etc. Or one button refer to one video(AV1-AV10).
5. Support nandflash,TF card and SD card(128M~32G).
6. Support micro usb for charging battery and loading videos.
7. Support 5V,1A or bigger power adapter.
8. Support single/dual speaker or stereo earphone.

Popular Use for:

Event Invitations
Corporate Brochures
Point Of Sale
New Product/Service Launch
Personal Promotional Tools

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