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Can I get a sample for a meeting?

We currently do not offer free samples. We have two different options for samples. You can purchase a blank unbranded sample for $40. This ships to you with a charging cord. We can also load a video on the Video Book for you.

All we need is a YouTube link for the video. The Video Book is also unlocked. This means you have the ability to take the video off and load another video onto the Video Book. Perfect for when you visit an automotive client and show them an automotive video. Then you go to the next meeting, switch the video and present the beverage video to your beverage client.

We do not need a purchase order, just an email with your UPS#, UPS service you would like, your ship to address. The samples will ship from Shenzhen, China.

The second option is to send printed samples for existing orders. The availability of these samples change daily so please call to discuss what we have in stock. Printed samples are $50 per sample.

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