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Can you tell me a video brochure cost?

When it comes to video books and video brochure cost, there are many configurations. The costs tend to range from $10-$60 per piece, depending on the level of customizations and volume of your order; as you increase the volume of your order, the price per piece goes down. When creating your own custom video book or video brochures, the size of the screen will affect the price per piece, as will adding options like foil die-cuts, custom printing, and other add-ons.

A powerful communication media, the video brochure consists of printed paper and a set of electronic components to display video and sound.

Many elements of the video brochure can be modified, which will impact the final price :

  • size of the brochure,
  • workforce,
  • number of copies,
  • delivery cost,
  • size and type of the screen (HD, IPS, touchscreen),
  • number and types of control buttons (push or sensitive),
  • storage capacity (128Mb up to 8Gb),
  • type of printing (digital or offset, hot foil stamping, embossing, etc.),
  • print properties (additional pages or other: card notches, document flap, material used).
  • What is the impact of each criterion on the price of video brochure?

Screen size

This is the most important criterion in the cost of video brochure. In fact, the screens are subject to fluctuating market prices because of significant tensions related to the high demand for smartphones, tablets.  Their prices never decrease.

The screen represents between 50 up to 80% of the total price of a video brochure.

Several types screens exist on the market, from the cheapest to the most expensive : classic, high definition, IPS, touchscreen.

Printing options

Mainly, printing is done on a 400g/m2 paper with matte or glossy finish.

Beyond a dozen copies, the cost of printing additional units is close to the price of raw materials because the settings are aortized.

However, if you want to add printing options such as selective varnish or embossing, several printing steps will be necessary and therefore the setting will need to be reviewed and checked several times, the printing time will be longer (add additional 5 days) and the higher cost: from 2 to 25 euros extra per unit.

Main features : adjustment, assembly and controls

All brochures are assembled by hand in our factory in Shenzhen.

Our workers will first design a non-flammable compensated foam mold, then configure the video player according to the customer’s wishes and realize the assembly of the electronic components,  d’abord concevoir un moule en mousse compensée ininflammable, puis configurer le lecteur vidéo selon le souhait du client et réaliser l’assemblage des composants électroniques,Nos ouvriers vont d’abord concevoir un moule en mousse compensée ininflammable, puis configurer le lecteur vidéo selon le souhait du client et réaliser l’assemblage des composants électroniques, and then, stick all the parts.

Then and for the fist time, they will test the proper fonctioning of the components. In the same time, the paper supports will be printed. The printed cartons are pre-cut. 

Each brochure is different because of the placement o the screen, buttons and speaker, a setting is necessary. 

Then comes the assembly step of the printed medium and components.

Once finalized, the brochures are tested again at the dactory and if everything is validated they are packaged and individualy protected to be shipped. 

The brochures are then received in our Paris offices where they will be tested again. Only then is the loading of the videos done.

The last step is to pack and re-protect the brochures to ship to our customers.

Size of the video brochure

If the most commonly requested sizes are the A5 and the A4, it is possible to design all the desired shapes…

For each size it is necessary to design a template, cut out the foams that will support the electronic components, then cut out the paper and print it out.

Memory storage capacity

Basic video brochures have 128 Mb of flash memory

This memory can be expanded to 8Gb, which allows to store several hours of movies.

The cost memory is relatively low on purchase and tends ton decrease.

Other components

The other components of the video brochure are the motherboard, the battery, the speaker, the mini or micro USB cable and the control buttons.

The price of the battery and memory vary from a few euros each month.

If you want to add buttons, a jack, the cost is almost negligible : USD0.25 per unit.

Delivery cost

This cost could be important because the more units you order, the higher the weight of the cartons will be and therefore also, the transport cost.

The size of the screen has a strong impact on the weight for the same brochure size : a 7 inch screen will be weigh much heavier than a 4 inch screen : a carton of 50 A5 video brochures with a 4.3 inch screen will be weigh 9kg, the same carton with brochures of the same size but with a 7 inch screen will be weigh 13.5kg.

Finally, what is the cost of a video brochure?

The rates, as you understood, are variable depending on the configuration chosen.

A brochure based on a business card size will cost less than USD9 per unit, while a lacquered video boxing box with a 10 inch screen, 8 Gb memory will cost more than a hundred U.S. dollars per unit.

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