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Functions & applications of Tabletop Players

The devices based on Android operating system, WiFi Connection, 7 / 8 Inch HD LCD Touch screen and powered by built-in high quality big capacity 20800mAh battery.

1. Main Function

can come with our specially developed easy to use cloud based advertising CMS App, not only auto-start to display videos images, remotely manage display contents by computer anywhere anytime, but also can Order Food, Call Waiter, etc.

2. Optional Accessory Functions

Charge Phone, Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Wireless Charger.

3. Other Functions

All WiFi models also can install other android APK to have different functions, such as order and POS System together etc.

4. Applications

devices can widely put on any table to build innovative advertising network in Restaurants and Cafes, Hotels and Bars, Kinds of Clubs, Dental and Doctors Surgeries, Hair and Beauty Salons, Airports and Bank VIP Waiting Rooms, Company Waiting Rooms, Special Events/Conferences, Gyms / Fitness Centers, Car 4S Stores etc. Great Solutions for Tabletop Advertising Display and Phone Charging.

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