Video Brochure Factory

Our Factory is a tight-knit little community of dedicated members valued as a family, all seasoned and equipped with the skills and mastery of all the manufacturing standards needed to turn your dream project into a reality. A guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth with every product line that you trust us to execute and customize for you. We always strive to give you greater value.

The company founders’ incomparable technical knowledge coupled with an encompassing insight on marketing trends, their acumen for business and their deep understanding of marketing sense has enabled them to match and conquer possible marketing challenges. Their hands-on approach and involvement in all the aspects of operations, sales, service and after sales gives you the warranties of an end-to end customer service satisfaction.

This principle has enabled the company to enjoy a decade-long of string of successes in providing quality products for advertising companies that sometimes even surpassed their expectations. To date, our main production output remains to be the vetted video-based products. A decade hence, we continue to manufacture video brochures, digital photo frames, video boxes, video displays. And we are proud to say that we are a preferred vendor of creative and unique marketing solutions.

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