Where to Use LCD Video Mailer Cards?

Funtek LCD Video Mailer Cards are a powerful addition to any marketing strategy. They combine sound and imagery to engage viewers in an unforgettable package and ensure they remember what your company has to offer. This media works great as a handout or as a mailer. So where do we use LCD Video Mailer Cards? Below are the main uses for your reference:

Business Promotion

LCD Video Mailer Card can represent the company/brand, individual agents, promtions or project lauches. Combining traditional print video brochure with LCD screen, it instantly showcases your brand. When you open the video brochure, its unique selling power coms to life inside. The LCD screen is perfect for sharing your key communications with your audience in a dynamic, visual and audio form that has a greater level of engagement than most conventional formats.

Tourist Attraction/Real Estate/Hotels Introduction

Sometimes excellent marketing is even more important than products itself. More and more clients in the real estate and medical area choose video brochure to be their marketing tools, Appealing story-telling can always attract people to know more about your tourist attraction, your house and hotels.

Event Invitation

Want to impress people whom you want to invite to a gala,meeting, fair or even an election compaign? Video Brochure is an unique and effective way to leave deeep impression to people and express what you want to say to them! A dynamic video invitation worth a thousand static words on the paper.

Festival/Wedding/Birthday Recording

Beautiful moments always worth remembering for a lifetime, With your video inside a brochure, the memorable moments can be watached whenever and wherever possible, You can also send out the brochures to express your hasppiness to your family and friends.

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