Where to Use Promotional LCD Video Books

A Video Book is an advertising tool made of printed packaging with a micro-thin LCD Screen, PCB boards, speakers and rechargeable lithium batteries along with a USB connection for change of video and recharging the unit.

Standard video books are widely used for a variety of promotional marketing communications, typically when trying to impress a high-value prospect or customer.

These include:

  1. Trade show collateral
  2. Press packs
  3. Sales force leave behinds
  4. Internal communications
  5. User guides
  6. Product Packaging
  7. Direct Mailer
  8. Brand promotion
  9. Luxury Invites
  10. PR Communications
  11. Events

The run time of the standard 128MB memory card is approximately 12-15 minutes; however, this can be expanded to 8GB offering 2-3 hours run-time.

We also supply hard-backed video books and coffee table albums as these are used for heavyweight marketing communications such as brand guidelines, corporate accounts, investor relations and board-level marketing. They are weighty in every way and designed to make a lasting impression. These hard back editions are at the luxury end of the spectrum where a variety of specialist print effects are often used: emboss, deboss, hot-foiling and spot UV varnish to enhance the look and feel of the piece. Discover more details here at our website. Get a FREE quote!

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