Bespoke Video Mailer LCD Greeting Card for Gifts

Once open the video mailer box, the video will play automatically, give the audience a great impression. Video is the most vivid and direct marketing tool. And video packaging box makes this tool more effective, convenient which also makes a big impact. a great gift box now.


  1. Selection of screen sizes from 2.4” to 10”
  2. Screens can be upgraded to an HD and IPS screen
  3. Automatic activation upon opening
  4. Multiple buttons can be embedded into the print to trigger the specific video content
  5. Touchscreen is available as an additional feature
  6. Up to 8GB of memory
  7. USB connection to re-charge the battery or change video content
  8. Volume control
  9. Built in speakers
  10. Any print size or material available


  1. Invitations
  2. Wedding
  3. Business Cards
  4. Product launch
  5. Demos/ Presentations


All products are custom made and therefore, we can amend the layout of the screen, button position, input position and any other aspect of the specification to suit your requirements.

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