LCD Screen Sizes for Video Brochure Cards

There are three primary considerations when designing your video brochure:

  • Screen size
  • Sequencing & controls
  • The printed carrier


2.4inch Screen230×2404:31 Hour (Expandable to 2 – 12 Hours)No
2.8inch Screen320×2404:31 Hour (Expandable to 2 – 12 Hours)No
4.3inch Screen480×27216:92 Hours (Expandable to 3 – 9 Hours)Yes
5inch Screen480×27216:92 Hours (Expandable to 3 – 9 Hours)No
7inch Screen800×48016:91 Hour (Expandable to 2 – 4 Hours)Yes
10.1 inch1024×60016:91 Hour (Expandable to 2 – 12 Hours)Yes

– All video brochures are available with either 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb or 4Gb of storage.


Each video unit can hold up to six videos in sequence. There are three ways of controlling the functionality of your video brochure:

  • Auto-play on opening: The video loads on opening once a magnetic control switch embedded in the cover is activated; the sequence then plays or loops according to your requirement. As the video is loading a .jpeg image can be displayed, usually a company logo or product shot.
  • Button controls: We can incorporate up to six buttons into the printed carrier that activate the video sequence, play, volume or other features you would like to include.
  • Touch screen functionality: Both 4.3” and 7” screens have touch screen options.

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