Ready Print Video Brochure Samples

Remarkable examples of digital Interactive Video Brochures produced by Fun Technology Ltd as the business marketing tool. Find out why 1,300+ leading brands choose our products. Below are the things you need to know before taking a sample.

1.Can I get the samples?

Yes, of course. We have been engaged in video brochure production for 10 years. During the period, we have accumulated many paper cards in various classic cases. You could search for your favorite sample type on our website or directly contact us at any time. We promise to show the latest and the most popular design as well as screen size to you. Please don’t worry, all these samples are approved by the copyright owner.

2.Can I print my own design on the samples?

No problem. You need to let me know your desired samples size first, and then we will start to make them soon and provide you with the template. Then you are advised to line up your design on the template. If your designer knows well about the printing, for example, the bleeding, you don’t have to ask us for the template but directly send the final documents to us. We will complete the subsequent work.

The samples of the video brochure will be produced within 3~5 business days in general. Some special customized projects will take more time. This depends on the complexity of your creativity. The samples are delivered by DHL or UPS. You will receive them within 3~4 business days after delivery.

3.How should I pay for the samples?

Due to the low price of the sample, we do not recommend bank wire transfer, as the handling charge may exceed the cost of the sample. It is a good choice to transfer by Paypal or western union. If you need to purchase multiple samples at one time, we recommend bank wire transfer.

4.Are the samples returnable?

The cost of the sample will be refunded to you when the ordered amount beyond 100pcs. However, the percentage of single return shall not exceed 5% of the total cost of the order. Otherwise, the remaining sample cost will be returned in the next order until all sample charges are returned. The sample expense for video brochure can be refunded when you purchase any other items on our website.

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