What is a Video Brochure for Marketing?

Video Brochure is an excellent and new-age marketing tool used to engage readers on the go. And once their eye gets locked, your quality Video brochure can then work all the magic. Grab some new and attractive video brochures today and design smoothly with our free brochure video maker.

This is an innovative video-in-print technology from Fun Technology Ltd. When you gain an insight into it, you will find out new promotional ideas surprisingly. If you are looking for a unique visual hammer, it can be predicted that video brochure will allow you to have a competitive advantage. In the visual era, the best way to seize the minds of consumers is not only the “language nail”, but also the use of a powerful “visual hammer”. A visual image is like a hammer, which can establish positioning and resonate with customers more quickly and forcefully. The video brochure is just such a “hammer”. It is time to reveal your genius design!

Funtek provides you with a more economical targeted marketing medium.

■ No need for networking

■ Open to play

■ Replacing files via USB

■ Rechargeable

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Excellent ideas stimulate more Market Interest

We all know that video is more acceptable than traditional paper in regard of hitting the right target customers. The brochure of the installed video player will be extremely useful. It will deeply infect readers and improve conversion rate in new product launch, brand promotion, marketing, even activities invitation, etc. There is no doubt that this more intuitive and creative action will stimulate the interest of consumers in the market. Therefore, the combination of printing, video and sound will definitely bring a brand-new change to your or your client’s advertisements. (According to the research, the conversion rate of short video is 5.15 times higher than that of image and text. Now this further upgrade will raise the number again.)

Video Brochure Features

8mm thickness and 200g weight make it more portable than a real book
Different video sections can be set by buttons and content in the memory can be changed
Built-in high quality speaker is synchronized with video playback
The storage unit integrated on a circuit board can save up to 16G files
You can keep your data secret by setting a USB access password
Supports 2.4-10 inch HD-IPS screen
Optional capacitive touch screen with displaying high-quality picture
We will develop more hardware or software functions according to your requirements
Let’s forget traditional papers and give your friends or clients a surprise with video brochures!

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